Why do we do this?

Drug addiction is a mental and sometimes a physical state, stemming from the mutual action between the organism and the drug, characterized by the changes in behavior, loss of self-control and inability to quit. The most common types of drugs, to which kids in our schools give in, are mild opiates, alcohol, tobacco, and gambling. Anti-drug prevention not specified teaches how to manage stress, assertive behavior and self-regard. In the last 5 years this kind of prevention is the most efficient and popular among youth. If this kind of prevention has the right timing, it will have a better effect. That is why our project uses the strategy of athletic activity as the means of prevention – basketball, handball, and soccer tournaments for kids in elementary schools in the city of Kosice with the partnership of professional teams in the city.

Drug prevention informs about the effects of drugs and gives a moral code. We will try to settle the prevention through lectures and meeting with popular athletes from Košice in the specific kind of sport, who will during the individual events implement these actions:

  • He/She as an example for the children
  • Gaining trust from the children and their encouragement
  • Hearing their problems and their accomplishments
  • Sport instead of boredom
  • Inform about drugs
  • Teach children how to deny drugs
  • Ensure cooperation with athletic clubs