What is the essence of the project?

Project “Zober loptu, nie drogy” concentrates mainly on these sports:

  1. Basketball
  2. Indoor Football
  3. Handball
  4. Dodgeball
  5. Voleyball
  6. Florball/Hockeyball

Specific parts of the project i.e. every kind of sport has its own event which are organized in participating cities and towns. For the effect of the involvement of the biggest number of children we use a cooperation of schools from those cities or towns. In the event of economical difficulties for the participation of children (socially deprived homes) we use the motivation of financial support for schools with transportation or refreshments for the participants. For the fulfillment of the project's phi­losophy, we try our best to adjust the system of individual events to its concrete environment in which the given event is done. The determinative factors influencing the organization and the character of the event are: The level of interest in the specific sport in the given area or town; popularity of the sport in the area, town, or a city; the conditions of the athletic facilities and the local organizers (partners) of the project;

The main benefits for the elementary schools involved in the project are: presentation of the school as a partner of the project which has activities throughout the nation; material support with athletic equipment for the given sport; raising the agility of pupils of the given school with the representation of the school.

Main benefits for the students participating in the project: identification with the philosophy of the project; building the sense for fair play and friendship; rewards for participation (shirts, gifts, plaque for the MVP); chance to experience the character and the atmosphere of sports during the opening ceremonies of the events.

Main benefits for the companies supporting the project: presentation of partners as supporters of the project throughout the country in printed, audiovisual and commercial media; connection of the partner with the philosophy of the project and with the support of schools, youth, socially deprived families and communities.