Who we are?

Non-profit organization Zober loptu, nie drogy (Grab a ball, not drugs) is a direct continuation of the basketball club ŠŠK Slávia Juniorbasket Košice. In the past, the club was developing and organizing athletic activities, above all in the field of youth basketball, in Košice as well as throughout Slovakia in a cooperation with the Slovak Association of Athletic Schools. The main concentration was in the preparations and organization of a mass, performance oriented and top rated youth basketball in all its forms of training and rehabilitation processes. The physical education is done today by its members – coaching, activities in the scope of School Athletic Centers, athletic classes in elementary schools, and in different organizations with the same purpose. It secures material and technical base which is needed for the realization of the project “Zober loptu, nie drogy” and the supported events with the cooperation with business and commercial-marketing companies. We cooperate with the municipality, state administration and other non-profit organizations. In the works of the organization Zober loptu, nie drogy partake qualified workers in the fields of specialized pedagogy, coaches of the 1. and 2. class.